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Artemis, Athenian red-figure bell krater C5th B. She was also a goddess of childbirth, and the protectress of the girl child up to the age of marriage--her twin brother Apollon was similarly the protector of the boy child. Together the two gods were also bringers of sudden death and disease--Artemis targetted women and girls, Apollon men and boys. In ancient art Artemis was usually depicted as a girl or young maiden with a hunting bow and quiver of arrows.
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Then philosophy migrated from every direction to Athens itself, at the center, the wealthiest commercial power and the most famous democracy of the time [ note ]. Socrates, although uninterested in wealth himself, nevertheless was a creature of the marketplace, where there were always people to meet and where he could, in effect, bargain over definitions rather than over prices. Similarly, although Socrates avoided participation in democratic politics, it is hard to imagine his idiosyncratic individualism, and the uncompromising self-assertion of his defense speech, without either wealth or birth to justify his privileges, occurring in any other political context. If a commercial democracy like Athens provided the social and intellectual context that fostered the development of philosophy, we might expect that philosophy would not occur in the kind of Greek city that was neither commercial nor democratic. As it happens, the great rival of Athens, Sparta, was just such a city. Sparta had a peculiar, oligarchic constitution, with two kings and a small number of enfranchised citizens.
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Terminology[ edit ] Kouros representing an idealized youth, c. He is aware of his attractiveness, but self-absorbed in his relationship with those who desire him. He will smile sweetly at the admiring lover; he will show appreciation for the other's friendship, advice, and assistance. He will allow the lover to greet him by touching, affectionately, his genitals and his face, while he looks, himself, demurely at the ground.
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Before competing in the ancient Olympic Games, athletes and judges would take an oath, promising to take part in the events in an honourable way and to abide by the rules. Cheating was heavily discouraged, and anyone found guilty would have to pay a fine. These placards were put up along the terrace wall leading to the entrance of the main stadium so that anyone competing in the ancient Olympic Games would be reminded of the disgrace that would follow if they did not follow the rules and honour the Olympic. Musicians, poets, and authors were also given the opportunity to perform their works in public. The winners of these competitions became as famous as the athletes.
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