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Gozilkree 26.11.2018
It made me think .I was like well technically
Arashigar 04.12.2018
Ohh, thank God your okay.
Dusida 06.12.2018
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Fesida 09.12.2018
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Gozragore 10.12.2018
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Tausar 19.12.2018
Hmmm .demanding an acting AG recuse himself from supervising a special prosecutor already approaching 2 years in an investigation that was dubious to begin with ? Im in my late 60's. Have traveled the world and in several places outside the US. But this BIZARRO world we're in now is something Ive never seen. Too many of the institutions we depend on to make our Republic function have been hijacked or corrupted by the libs. Politicians enabling and protecting violent mobs. Other politicians and civil service actively undermining a sitting President. Communists and Socialists campaigning for elected office on platforms of nationalization of the economy. Election supervisors brazenly defying the law to rig a national level election.
Tot 26.12.2018
It's like explaining color to someone who's blind from birth. And is uninterested.
Gujora 29.12.2018
And most people true colours are the same as the colours they show up front.
Kigaktilar 06.01.2019
well, i gues its good it wasnt a bikini photo back in 2016

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