Does the right to freedom of religion entitle the violation of other rights?

Welcome to this information platform and dialogue about human rights, more specifically the right to freedom of religion.  The focus is on the belief of some religious groups, generally referred to as “cultist groups,” that the right to freedom of religion supersedes all other basic human rights. As a result this belief empowers such groups to disregard the rights of their followers.  While functioning undisturbed under the protection of the right to freedom of religion they seem to believe that this right does not require any accountability by those who practice it.  In the interest of the victims of such groups, their families and the general public but more so to do justice to the true intension of this right it is indispensable for this issue to be dialogued with the aim of establishing some responsibility and true application of this right in all its different facets.

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2 Responses to Does the right to freedom of religion entitle the violation of other rights?

  1. Wouter van den Heever says:

    Let me start by saying that any form of violation of human rights by any group, religious or political can not be condoned.

    By starting a platform for discussion about these might be a great idea, informational and even revelational to some people but a concern also comes to mind.

    Politics have started from discussions and politics are probably the biggest violator of human rights. Within it regulation and control are implemented daily to try and work against the monster it created itself. So the concern is that this could lead to implementation of regulation or, a watchdog organization to record or discuss the violation taken place in this minor religions which in turn could eventually lead to regulation of religion as a whole.

    It sure seems to be a very sensitive situation.

    • Indeed a valid concern the last thing that is needed is that religion as a whole become regulated and controlled by whosoever. That will defy the whole intention of freedom. On the other hand religion can also not be empowered to become a tool that abuse vulnerable individuals. That has been the case in the past. Surely a way can be found that will in a sense address the lurking abuse as a result of some authoritive person’s claim to be a “godly man” especially if he believes that he can act freely without respecting individuals as human beings. This is what this discussion is about. Discussing a pertinent issue with the aim of finding some solution.

      The root of the issue seems to be the lack of respect displayed by some religious leaders?

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